Silhouette Soft Thread Lift


Non-surgical Facelift with regenerating effect

An advanced skin lifting treatment to lift sagging skin and redefine facial outline without surgery

Who needs Silhouette Soft Thread Lift?

Everyone who have saggy skin and volume lost on the face but do not wish to resort to long surgical operations which are more expensive with longer downtime.

How is it achieved?

The small cones on Silhouette Soft Suture provides subdermal traction and fixation. This creates immediate lifting of skin and improving the contours of the face.
Secondly, the principle component of Silhouette Soft is Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA). This is a bio-stimulant which creates gradual regeneration of collagen to restore smoother and well-toned skin.

Where can Silhouette Soft be done?

Common areas include

  • Jaw line
  • Jowls
  • Mid-face including cheeks
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

What are the advantages?

  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Progressive restoration of the body’s own lost collagen
  • Entirely re-absorbable material
  • Non-surgical technique
  • Minimum downtime
  • Natural looking effect

How safe is Silhouette Soft Thread Lift?

Unlike many suspension sutures on the market today which originate from Asia, Silhouette Soft is made in the USA and is subject to numerous sanitary controls. Silhouette Soft is made of a resorbable and biocompatible components, which has proven its worth in various medical fields: The main component of Silhouette Soft® – Poly L- lactic acid (or PLLA) – has been used for many years in various pharmaceutical and medical applications such as suture thread, orthopedic pins, screws and nails for bone fractures etc.

How is it done?

Firstly, the treatment lines are marked on the skin with the patient sitting up. Topical local anaesthetic (LA) is applied on the skin and also injected at the entry and exit points of the skin. Next, the Silhouette Soft Sutures are inserted beneath the skin using a thin needle.
The full treatment takes about 30minutes. There is minimal downtime and normal life can resume quickly.

What activities to avoid after treatment?

  • High impact sports for 2 weeks
  • Saunas, facials and massages for 4 weeks
  • Dental surgery for 4 weeks

Thread Lift Face Lift & Facial Outline Contouring Results

*Individual results may vary

People Are Saying

Sophia Chong
“Centre for Cosmetic works with many big names who look so amazing at their age and they are really professional and experienced so I didn’t hesitate too much.”
“I’m really happy with what has been done and I love that my face does seem that much brighter and fresher as my recent photos show.”
Jolene Teo
“I do have pretty sensitive skin and therefore, I was kinda surprised I didn’t have any side effects or downtime!! YAY!!”

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