The PowerLIFT by Thermismooth RF (Skin Tightening & Facelift Singapore)


The PowerLIFT by ThermiSmooth RF (Skin Tightening)

There are many painful skin lifting treatments in the market which are hard for customers to tolerate. The PowerLIFT is a painless and comfortable facelifting treatment, making it an ideal therapy for long term Skin Tightening & Collagen Formation.

The PowerLIFT Skin Tightening Treatment goes deeper than the traditional RF to LIFT and Reduce Saggy Jowls, Cheeks and Loose Necks. It uses advanced Skin Lifting Technology to stimulate new collagen formation and firming at the Superficial Muscular AponeuroticSystem (SMAS) area. SMAS is an important “supporting scaffold” for our facial structure and the PowerLIFT effectively stimulates it.

You may feel a gentle warming sensation as the RF works to rebuild collagen. There is no pain and no downtime. It is Comfortable with No Risk and No Surgery.  Just effective LIFTING without the pain.


The PowerLIFT by ThermiSmooth RF (Skin Tightening) Process

Cooling gel is firstly gently applied over the treatment area surface. The radio frequency apparatus is slowly and gently worked across the treatment area in deliberate, circular motions. During this time, the temperature of the apparatus is automatically adjusted based on its superior temperature control system to ensure maximal control and comfort.

PowerLIFT Skin Tightening is a safe and comfortable process with almost no discomfort and no pain during the procedure. Treatment time is expected to last around 20 mins. Expect gradual improvement in skin texture and tightness over the course of 3-6 months, although individual results may vary. Multiple treatments are encouraged to achieve better results.

Thermismooth RF Skin Tightening Target Areas

Young Skin Vs Elderly Skin


Benefits of The PowerLIFT by ThermiSmooth RF

  • Goes deeper than traditional RF for greater lift
  • Painless & almost no discomfort during treatment
  • Short treatment time of only 20 mins with no downtime after
  • Suitable for several areas on the face
  • Smoothens fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin

V Shape Face by ThermiSmooth RF results

skin tightening - Vshape face before after

PowerLIFT by ThermiSmooth RF results

ThermiSmoothRF Skin Tightening Before After
ThermiSmoothRF Skin Tightening Before After
ThermiSmoothRF Skin Tightening Before After

*Individual results may vary

People Are Saying

Sophia Chong
“Centre for Cosmetic works with many big names who look so amazing at their age and they are really professional and experienced so I didn’t hesitate too much.”
“I’m really happy with what has been done and I love that my face does seem that much brighter and fresher as my recent photos show.”
Jolene Teo
“I do have pretty sensitive skin and therefore, I was kinda surprised I didn’t have any side effects or downtime!! YAY!!”

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