Snow Skin Rejuvenation


Snow Skin Rejuvenation (To Promote Dewy, Luminous, Glowy Skin)

A revolutionary, non-ablative laser that helps to promote collagen synthesis in the under-layers of the skin without disrupting or hurting the surface of the skin. It is excellent for reducing wrinkles, tightening pores, lightening pigmentations and improving the appearance of scars.

Snow Skin Rejuvenation (Helps to Promote Glowy, Luminous Skin)

Snow Skin Rejuvention penetrates deeply into the skin to promote collagen synthesis through a system of highly advanced lasers. Unlike other lasers that target the surface of the skin, this procedure is calibrated precisely to hit the under-layers of skin so the top surface is minimally affected. Snow Skin lasers are most effective against mild wrinkles and acne scars, and be further combined with chemical peels for greater effectiveness. Expect more glowy, luminous skin after your treatment.


The Snow Skin Rejuvenation Process

The process involves moving the laser-treatment apparatus across the targeted area. Some poking and stinging sensation is to be expected but it is very often well tolerated. To ensure that the treatment goes smoothly, we also provide the option for numbing creams.

Following completion of treatment, expect the skin to experience mild soreness or redness for 1-2 hours. A soothing cream will be administered by us if there is marked redness. Apply sunblock and moisturizer diligently thereafter. 6-10 treatments are recommended for best results.

skin rejuvenation - Skin Layers

skin rejuvenation - Revlite Laser


Benefits of The Snow Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

  • Rejuvenates skin without downtime
  • Non-ablative to avoid damaging the surface of the skin
  • Penetrates deep to promote collagen growth
  • Reduces wrinkles and scars
  • Helps give the skin a glowy, luminous look

Snow Skin Rejuvenation results

skin rejuvenation
skin rejuvenation Before After

*Individual results may vary

People Are Saying

Sophia Chong
“Centre for Cosmetic works with many big names who look so amazing at their age and they are really professional and experienced so I didn’t hesitate too much.”
“I’m really happy with what has been done and I love that my face does seem that much brighter and fresher as my recent photos show.”
Jolene Teo
“I do have pretty sensitive skin and therefore, I was kinda surprised I didn’t have any side effects or downtime!! YAY!!”

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