Back Acne Treatment


AcneClear Back Therapy (Helps to Clear Up Back Acne & Spots on the Back)

AcneClear Back Therapy uses the classic but gold formula of a Jessner’s Peel to clear out acne spots on the back in a safe and effective manner. Its chemical composition creates a fine balance and is highly suitable for our asian skin in the tropical climate.

AcneClear Back Therapy (Helps Reduce Back Acne & Blackheads on Your Back)

Our AcneClear Back Therapy uses a special Jessner’s Peel formula to help with peeling of dead skin and to help rejuvenate skin on the back. Our chemical peel has natural anti-bacteria properties. Combined with its ability to reduce the secretion of oil by overactive sweat glands, AcneClear Back Therapy is excellent option for reducing acne and blackheads on our back which is often neglected. Expect smoother and gentler skin on your back with reduced back acne inflammation and blackhead spots.


The AcneClear Back Therapy Process

The chemical peel applied here is a Jessner’s Peel. It is a light peeling process that is designed to reduce the risk of scarring and damage to your skin. During the treatment, a mild prickling sensation is normal. This will quickly go away once the treatment process is completed. Recovery is relatively fast at about 7 days, due to the light peeling nature of Jessner’s Peel. Within the first 2 days, your skin might appear reddish but should quickly fade to a brown over the next 2-3 days. Relax for a final 1-2 days and your skin should look better with reduced acne and blackheads.

Chemical Skin Peels


Back Acne Treatment by Centre For Cosmetic Singapore


Benefits of The AcneClear Back Therapy Treatment

  • Reduced acne inflammation on the back
  • Reduced blackheads on the back
  • Light peeling to avoid scarring on the surface of skin
  • Does not penetrate deeply
  • Smoother & better looking skin

AcneClear Back Therapy Results

*Individual results may vary

People Are Saying

Sophia Chong
“Centre for Cosmetic works with many big names who look so amazing at their age and they are really professional and experienced so I didn’t hesitate too much.”
“I’m really happy with what has been done and I love that my face does seem that much brighter and fresher as my recent photos show.”
Jolene Teo
“I do have pretty sensitive skin and therefore, I was kinda surprised I didn’t have any side effects or downtime!! YAY!!”

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